Who Stole the Tate Gallery?

It is late in the afternoon when we race down to the furthest tip of Cornwall, to be ready the next morning, to cheer 'The Brother-in-Laws on Bikes', as they set off on a cycle ride from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise money for the charity, Msaada. (Msaada was started by my partner, Billy Kelly, and his friend, Fergal Keane, to help widows and orphans in a region of Rwanda that Fergal reported on extensively for the BBC)
Nigel and Malcolm are married to two sisters, and this is a trip they have talked of and planned for two years. Malcolm says he is keen not to leave it any longer as he has already reached sixty-seven!
If you want to see them in training (!) visit www.justgiving.com/RideForRwanda
When we leave the house I know for a fact we must turn around and race straight back after seeing them off. But somehow, after an evening spent in a pub listening to the impromptu singing of old Cornish songs, nothing seems as urgent, and we decide to dawdle back calling into St Ives on the way. I have always wanted to visit the Tate Gallery here and I am sure lunch by the sea would also be a very good idea.
Every twist and turn in St Ives seems to be filled with flowers. The sun is shining and everybody is out enjoying themselves. As we explore the steep and winding roads I am only glad that I am not on  a bike!
We wander through the town following signs we spot here and there, directing us to The Tate. We walk and meander,  and then stroll a bit more. Another sign directs us this way, another sign directs us that. . .
We climb up and we zig zag down, we find weathered terracotta pots of roses and hanging baskets of every colour.
We spot majestic mauve agapanthus,
we wander into galleries were guitarists play amongst the paintings,
and linger by the clotted cream and cakes,
we admire cheerful sunflowers of impossible sizes,
and spot irresistible handmade glass vases in citrusy shades. We also spot an equally irresistible table for lunch overlooking the sea, and even come across two Brother-in-Laws on Bikes, but however hard we look we never do find the Tate Gallery!
If you like these wall vases too, have a look on www.jodowns.com

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