In Search of Blooming Scrumptious

I am traveling through Bradford on Avon in search of a pudding I can call my own.
Well, at least one that I can pretend I have made for the people we have coming over this evening.
I have also heard that there is a flower shop in the town called Blooming Scrumptious so I am keen to take a closer look. And you never know, with a name like that, I might even find my pudding there.
I walk around the back streets and over the bridge into the high street, but with no luck.
I find window boxes packed with colour ...
cook shops packed with teapots ...
a cheese shop hung with bright tissue flowers ...
a restful courtyard cafe in dappled sun shine,
even unfeasibly plump peonies in a pink window
(they were false but still very pretty),
but no sign of the flower shop.
Eventually I retire to the park and ask a passer by about the shop.
"Oh that closed down a while ago."
I hope that the florists of Blooming Scrumptious have made a floral fortune and are now sunning themselves on an exotic beach. Sadly, I suspect like other flower shops, they have found that this is a really tough time for florists.
(And if you are a rich banker reading this, please go out immediately and spend an ostentatiously huge amount from your bonus in your local flower shop.)


  1. Thanks for taking us on a trip round Bradford on Avon it looks lovely, shame about the flower shop closing though, Lucey xx

  2. It was my shop, and you would have loved it! I have many of your books and adore them, you do a wonderful thing. And Sally you wold have found some of the most delicious puddings, all homemade. I'm now in South Africa, after having spent several months in the bush in Zambia, forgetting about my little shop. I'm amogst th fynbos & there are some very lovely flower shops here too. Perhaps you should do an international book, would be happy to help. Hope you have continued success and hope you found your pudding! amba

  3. These red flowers is so beautiful!!!



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