A Festival of Flowers

Salisbury Cathedral is bursting with blooms.
It is the weekend of the flower festival.
I wander around with my friends, Fiona and Sonya trying to take it all in.
There are a huge number of arrangements to fill the vast and majestic space.
They range from the bizarre to the beautiful -
I had no idea you could do such things with flowers!
I skip the more bizarre and decide to photograph those that I think look more natural or have (to my mind) a good combination of colours.
As we round the corner a pianist is sat amongst the flowers playing 'an English country garden'.
And my favourite?
Well, there are two arrangements that I particularly like.
It may be because they are beautiful and well balanced ...
or it may have a little to do with the fact they were made by my florist friend Jennifer!
One last walk to the back of the cathedral
I find some glorious hoops of roses and hydrangeas
plus a wicker wheel of gloriosa lilies.
Then off to phone Jennifer to tell her, hers were the best!


  1. Lovely arrangements. Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  2. Those hoops of roses are so glorious. Whilst I bow to a preference of symmetry and colour harmony there is a part of my that revels in the baroque extravagance of some floral sculptures.



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