Saturday in Mere

 On a Saturday morning I have taken to getting up earlyish and heading to Sprout & Flower in Mere
 I was always a sucker for the flowers, but have now become addicted to shopping from their display of fresh croissant and bread.
 I cannot think of a better way to start the weekend.
 I have also discovered that Sarah, who runs the shop, buys the best nectarines and locally grown salad.
 And of course everyone needs flowers!
 This time I went for the tall pale-blue scabious, and as I type this they are sitting happily in my hall.
 And if anyone tells you I smile and talk to them every time I go passed, they are exaggerating.
Not every time.


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  20. Really nice article. Me too, I'm not really good with flowers, but every time I see flowers it really made me smile.

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